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For Instant Life Insurance Quotations, please click on the "Instant Life Insurance Quotation" request on the menu to your right.  You will receive the most competitive Quotes available on the Internet.  State insurance regulations require that a licensed agent sign your application, so once you get the quote you want, please contact us to complete the application process.  It is not possible to apply without a licensed agent's intervention.  State insurance departments have determined that there are too many potential abuses in offering such important and complex policies and contracts directly to the consumer.  There is no added fee for that service.   If you have health or occupational issues that prevent you from getting the best Internet quotes,  we can often get you an excellent rate by instigating more sophisticated inquiries on your behalf.  Currently, we are licensed to offer this special quotation service for residents of Washington, Oregon and California.  We are able to refer residents of other states to capable and honorable agents licensed in their locality.

If you wish quotations for Disability Income Insurance, Long-term Care Insurance, Health Insurance or Annuities, please ask for a quotation using the "Request Quote" link above.  We offer competitive rates from many top companies.

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